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13 "FREE-FOR-ALLl!" Abrasion Stations of the Lost
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13 "FREE-FOR-ALL!" Abrasion Stations of the Lost

Originally, Kurt Eckes of the Drop Bass Network asked me to come up with an installation for the outdoor event Even Futhur 2000. Kurt said something like,"the stations of the cross with needle exchange program signs." OK...? I had six weeks to write the stories, create the clip art, and print it all out at Kinkos LARGE. Each poster was about 3 x 4 feet, and I made a comic book too. It was a lot of work! This project made me strong creatively, like painting a fresco, whatever idea came out had to be used immediately, there was no time for re-working or producing extra stories if something didn't work out.

After all the scrambling to get the installation done, it wasn't even used! Because of the weather, event set-up fell behind and the installation was never set up at Futhur 2000. The installation was used at the next party, The Second Coming, which was an indoor event. Which I believe was fortunate, because I would prefer people look at the art indoors where they could concentrate on it, rather than some hot sweaty field shielding themselves from the sun suffering from dehydration, yuck!

I never wanted to have an art gallery opening, but I guess this would be the closest thing to it. The installation was a great success, and people lined up all night long to check it out (see video below). Even after the event, some undercover cop kept looking at Golden Shower Golden Rule, what's that about? Click here to read on.

by TJ Richter

© August 8, 2000 Theodore J. Richter


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