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Hair Piece

Hair Piece

Bald Italian hair machines proudly state
"two eybrows are better than one,"
as they cough up balls of hair
growing out of their Italian lungs.

Hair, hair, everywhere
Nor any follicle did stop:
Hair, hair everywhere
But not a strand on top.

It grows! it grows!
It grows out of the nose!
And out of the back
Like a field ready to be plowed.

It grows out of the toes,
And out of the ears
In wisps like tiny hurricanes.

Around and around,
In and out,
In a three dimensional growth
Each square inch
Reaps a maximum amount.

Like a pasta machine
It all comes cranking out.
Eyebrows merge
It grows out of the mouth.

Until the entire face must be shaven
In order to maintain a human form.
And wax applied
To the palms of the hands and pulled.

And above it all the dome looms clear and wide.
Brightly, it shines, it shines:
No doubt the hair it grows inside.

by TJ Richter

© November 1, 1985 Theodore J. Richter

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