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park avenue prostitute

Park Avenue Prostitute

"I get $400 dollars for a straight lay,
three hundred for a hand job,
and five hundred for head."

Here she comes...
walking down the Avenue so fine, with the
strange grace of some erotic Arctic feline.

5' 11'' wearing only a halter top,
ultra-mini mini-skirt, & the
sexiest pair of black lace stockings you ever saw.

She's smilin' -- givin' it all away.

And it's so cold I can feel
the snot freeze in my nose
as she passes by...

She's got the world by the balls.

"I'm talking about indulging your every fantasy,
and then giving you those fantasies one by one.
Would you like that Baby?"

by TJ Richter

© March 1988 Theodore J. Richter

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